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0xBA, 0xFA, 0xDA, 0x73, 0x50, 0x05, 0x10, 0x6F }, };


  • Diodové pole DA112S1
  • Regulátor MP1482
  • MP1584EN
  • LM2596


DA112S1RL TTGO-T7-V1.4 MCP23S17-E/SO

PCF8574T    i2c io exteter 

3.3V MP1584EN Supper Mini DC-DC

Poznamky k paječe

[ https://www.slideshare.net/tarzan1a/hakko-936-gorsak-952-diy-analog-soldering-station-schematic analog]


Note: This product is a DIY Kits, buyers need to own welding. DIY risk, novice buy carefully, If it is man-made damage, we do not assume responsibility, Thank you for understanding.

Assembly Tutorial Website: http://blog.163.com/jinyong3771912@126/blog/static/760962792015317322669/

This item can use in T12 T2 T13 T15 heating core. auto sleep, ball bearing vibration. Blue light white word.

1. GX12-5 core airline seat : T12 negative vibration switch SW connected to the positive E + T12 T12 shell access (ground)

2. Connect 12-20V DC: if received more than 20V power supply, the board should be put on the back of 1206,100 ohm (101 marks) of the resistor removed. max can use 24V 3A 72W, please you see below picture.

3. Heat indicator light when heated. (After the temperature reaches the set value of this light has been flashing)

4. Temperature Calibration: When digital display temperature and actual temperature T12 rotated clockwise low. Counterclockwise rotation is low.

5. Heating : normal use, press the encoder clockwise, it is heating mode, increasing 50 鈩?in the existing basis.

6. Sleep : normal use, press the encoder, counterclockwise rotation, is the sleep mode, T12 maintained at 200 鈩? SW or no low after 3 minutes, you can also enter dormancy. Cancel the sleep mode, you can press the encoder or rotary encoder look, or pick T12 SW negative.

7. Adjust temperature : when adjust temp, LED light.

8. Encoder : can be rotated 360 鈩?

Internal parameters (already set up, no longer needs no special settings)

Press and hold the encoder key, boot into the internal parameter settings: P01 ADC reference voltage (obtained by measuring the TL431) P02 NTC correction (by setting the temperature to the lowest reading on the digital observation) P03 op amp input offset voltage correction value P04 thermocouple amplifier gain P05 PID parameters pGain P06 PID parameters iGain P07 PID parameters dGain P08 automatic shutdown time setting 3-50 minutes P09 restore factory settings Stepping P10 temperature settings P11 thermocouple amplifier gain

Common troubleshooting methods:

1. The digital display is unstable, not stable at the set temperature. If you use the new common T12, since the new tip without internal heating element will be the case temperature of high-temperature aging bounce. Solution powered 350-380 鈩?3-5 minutes, then power, power.

2. For SW missed vibration switch, the controller automatically after three minutes into hibernation 200 鈩? if it feels inconvenient, SW and T12 + connected capacitor 104 to cancel the sleep function.

Measuring Machine normal, lights and display status:

1. Unplugged T12 tip, turn the light flashed off, show SER, 1 seconds after the display 500.

2. T12 plug tip, boot light uniform flashing, indicating rapid heating from room temperature generally show the set temperature to rise, approaching the set temperature, strobe lights. Indicator is not flashing or intermittent flashes, indicating that the tip temperature reaches the set temperature or alternating temperature compensation.

Power (third column) is determined by the voltage (first column), as long as the current reaches the minimum current (second column).

Package Contents 100% Brand New 1x Digital Soldering Iron Station Temperature Controller 1x GX12-5 core seat 1x Vibration switch 1x LED 1x Knob

We can also wholesale if you need a large quantity of item please contact us :)

Shipping :

PCB input voltage:12-24V

PCB Size:6.7x2.5x2.3cm

Internal parameters:

ADC P01 reference voltage (obtained by TL431)

NTC P02 correction (by setting the temperature to

the lowest number of observations).

P03 op amp input offset voltage correction value

P04 thermocouple amplifier gain

PID P05 parameter pGain

PID P06 parameter iGain

PID P07 parameter dGain

P08 automatic shutdown time 3-50 minutes

P09 restore factory settings

P10 encoder temperature step (1-100)

P11 temperature calibration, input 0 to give up modification,

input 1 of the thermocouple amplifier gain for editing

Package include:

1xPCB board


1xVibration switch

1xHeating indicator

1xFive core plug

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